"The Eccentrics" is...

The romance and drama of "Moulin Rouge" with the intrigue and adventure of "V for Vendetta" and a touch of the playful humor of "The Princess Bride." Presented in an elegant dinner theater setting, the show is completely multi-media with a full dramatic cast in elaborate costumes, one-of-a-kind props and settings. The show features original jazz cabaret songs with a live band, unique vintage-styled moving picture footage and spectacular special effects. 

In a world of sword-fighting, burlesque dancing, chess moves and yo-yo tricks, a mild-mannered man's punch-the-clock life is suddenly turned upside down, when the strange and megalomaniacal
 president of the company he works for, "Won Corporation", chooses him for the mission of destroying the new female agent for the notorious underground resistance movement, "The Free Association". By the end of this meeting with his mad boss, our mild-mannered man finds he has been poisoned. And has just 3 days to live...

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