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"The Eccentrics" is the beloved creation of composer/director/writer Juliet Annerino.  Born in Chicago. She learned music theory and chart writing  from impatient jazz pianists there, and treasures every scolding moment of her education.

She has composed, arranged, produced and mastered her own material in jazz, lounge, chillout and deep house music. She enjoys collaborating with producers in Austria, South Africa, Tunisia, Germany, Italy and anywhere else on earth.

Juliet Annerino is the Complete Package: singer, performer, composer, recording artist and producer. Her vocalizing and songwriting touch on multiple music genres without necessarily landing on any one, and she makes it all work.”

— Chuck Bolger "JAZZ...Or Something Like It" 91.7 FM WMUH Allentown, PA

She has performed her original jazz songs for audiences all over the world, from New York, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Beirut, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid to Los Angeles, where she now lives.  She is honored to play with some of the greatest musicians in the world. 

Through her creation of "The Eccentrics", she hopes to share her love of all that is exotic, elegant & exciting. In this retro-future opulence of a parallel universe, Juliet introduces audiences to a strangely familiar, yet unseen side of themselves and their world. 

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Juliet Annerino, writer/director/composer

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